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The Bioterm area was already designated in 1976 as a Biotourism site for its natural beauty. landscape park.

Bioterme Nature Park is an extra standard in the tourist offer. Harmony with nature and exceptional
thermal water is intertwined with all the possibilities of a healthy and relaxing
It offers a peaceful stay and is an excellent starting point for trips into nature.


Križevci Amusement Park


Wine Route




Cascade Racecourse


Pooh Museum


The Grossman Route

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trips around Bioterm

Visit tourist farms

Guests are encouraged to visit the tourist farms, where they can learn about the processes of producing home-grown organic food; and the cheerful and friendly Prleks will be happy to offer you an authentic Prlesko kapljica, accompanied by the traditional Prlesko tünka, which enjoys a world-wide reputation.

Escape to nature by bike

We offer bicycle rental and guided tours along the marked cycle paths of Prlekija, which will lead you through beautiful landscapes - along vineyards climbing the nearby hills, among forests, lakes and plains, with the special charm of rivers and beautiful riverbanks.


Hiking trails of varying difficulty are through the nearby forests, along fields and meadows. You can also try your luck at mushroom picking in the shade of the vast forests. The nearby Gajšev Lake offers excellent opportunities for surfing and fishing, and you can also try your luck at the pond in Savci.

We suggest a walk along the Grossman Trail - named after the first Slovenian amateur cameraman, or along the trail of Cyril and Methodius, who used to celebrate mass in these places and Christianise the local population.

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