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The guest has the right to reserve an arrangement. If the guest cancels the booked arrangement, Bioterme Mala Nedelja has the right to refund the costs due to the cancellation. The cost of canceling the arrangement depends on the time in which the guest submitted the cancellation. Bioterme Mala Nedelja are entitled to the following percentages of the price of the arrangement in the event of its cancellation:

  • cancellation up to 15 days before arrival - 10% of the arrangement
  • 14 to 4 days before arrival - 30% of the arrangement
  • 3-2 days before arrival - 80% of the arrangement
  • 1 day before arrival, on the day of arrival or no show on the date of reservation - 100% of the arrangement
  • in the event of a change in the date of stay, the advance payment already paid will be transferred to the new date.

The guest can book the arrangement as a long-term reservation or a short-term reservation. A guest's reservation made at least 15 days before arrival is considered a long-term reservation, and a guest's reservation made less than 15 days before arrival is considered a short-term reservation.

In the case of a long-term guest reservation, the deadline for advance payment is 7 working days from the date of reservation, and in the case of a short-term reservation, the deadline is 3 days from the date of reservation. In the event that the guest cancels the booked arrangement at his own request or due to force majeure, without there being any reason for this on the part of Bioterm Mala Nedelja due to improperly performed service, the guest does not have the right to request any compensation or price reduction.

The guest must send the cancellation in writing to Bioterme Mala Nedelja, Moravci v Slovenske gorice 34 b, 9243 Mala Nedelja or by e-mail to

In the event of a justified return of the advance payment, the advance payment will be returned to the guest's transaction account within 30 days from the date of receipt of the cancellation.


Ljutomer, 24/04/2017

Prepared by:
Mateja Zadravec

Segrap d.o.o., Ljutomer
Director: Miran Blagovič