sauna has a beneficial effect on your health

Sauna lovers will be able to pamper themselves in the Finnish, Turkish, infra and herbal saunas. After the sauna, you can relax in the relaxation corner with pleasant music and tea, or surrender to the beneficial effects of the hydromassage pool.

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MON - FRI: 12:00 - 20:00

MON - FRI: 15.00-20.00

SAT - SUN: 10:00 - 20:00
HOLIDAY: 10:00‒20:00


Finnish saunas represent a traditional form of sweating, the effect of the sauna can be increased by pouring on hot stones. Due to the high temperature (80-100°C), a visit to the sauna lasts between 8 and 15 minutes, depending on how you feel. After sweating, it is recommended to cool the body in cold or lukewarm water. At least 15 minutes should pass between individual visits to the sauna.

We also have a dry Finnish sauna on the terrace with a temperature of 80°C.


The infrared sauna has appeared mainly recently. It is used for medical purposes in spas and hospitals.

The difference between classic and infrared saunas is that in classic saunas the heat conductor is air, while in infrared saunas infrared heat up to 50°C is used. Excretion of toxins in an infrared cabin is three times higher than in classic saunas.


It is a combination of dry and wet sauna in one piece. The automatic system is two-system, with which we can set up a dry sauna regime or, if desired, a wet sauna. The essence of the herbal (moist) sauna is that it reaches a temperature of up to 70°C and a humidity of up to 65%.

It is intended for older sauna users and those who want to inhale increased doses of essential oils, and especially for those who want to take good care of their body, especially their respiratory system.


A steam sauna is a procedure in which water vapor acts on the whole body. With a steam sauna, we aim to break down and eliminate harmful metabolic waste and toxic disease substances. In addition, it provokes a generally more active skin function and thus affects the entire organism.

Rest room right next to the saunas

In the rest room, we have space for 40 sauna visitors in two rooms, where you can relax with a sip of tea or water after the sauna.

Cooling pool and terrace

You can cool off in our pool, which has a temperature of 19 degrees, and then relax on the terrace, which is reserved only for sauna visitors.

Individual sauna rental

Enjoy the small moments that soothe, bring us closer and fill us with new energy.

Treat yourself to an individual rental of saunas for up to 3 hours!

Two types of saunas are available: INFRARED SAUNA and FINNISH SAUNA (70-100 °C).

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