It is 37 km long and around 300 v/m.

Suitable for all cyclists.

The surface is hardened, less asphalt and more hard macadam.

The total journey takes 3 to 4 hours.

Driving directions:

Driving directions:

Assemble at the Bioterme car park and follow the asphalt road east towards Ljutomer. After 700 m, leave the asphalt and turn left in a grove along a beautiful forest path slightly uphill. Climb for 1 kilometre and at the second house at the top turn sharp right again onto the forest path heading east. Drive for 3 kilometres through the forest, along the village and between the orchards, always downhill. Keep right and you will see a hunting shelter on the left, then descend a little more steeply to the main road. Turn right and after 150 metres turn left into the village. After 800 metres on the tarmac path, at the right-hand bend in the settlement, we turn left onto a paved path between farms. We come to an asphalt path and descend to the left into Vogričevci. At the crossroads turn right and after 100 metres follow the tarmac to the left and slightly uphill. When the settlement ends, the asphalt ends. Continue uphill until you reach a small wood and the main road. When you come out onto the road, pay particular attention to traffic and continue straight ahead. After 1 kilometre in the settlement, see Sp. Kamenščak on the right and Cezanjevci on the left. Apartment Silvawhere refreshments are available. After refreshments, turn right and descend 100m downhill. Before the end of the descent, turn left onto the macadam and continue along the Kostanjevica valley. Admire the beautiful nature. After 2 kilometres we approach the main road in Radomer. Turn left. On the right you will see the Pihlar farmstead. Follow the cycle path on the left side of the main road for 2500 metres to Ljutomer. In Ljutomer, see the sights of the town. Continue to Park I of the Slovak Camp and Hippodrome and along the cycle path along the river Ščavnica for 5 kilometres to Cezanjevci. Turn right at the bridge and after 300 metres turn left onto the macadam. Drive for 500 metres and on the left you will see Monument to the hostages of the First World War. Continue along the river Ščavnica to Lake Gayshevwhere you can admire the vegetation, birds, fishermen and, in windy weather, windsurfers. Follow the right bank of Lake Gajševsko to the village of Gajševci and on the right you will see Stanjkov mill. Turn left past the mill along the macadam road for another 1300 metres and cross the bridge on the left when you reach the asphalt. On the left is Žnidarič Mill. Continue uphill a little way to the village of Precetinci. Admire the farmhouses and cultivated fields. At the beginning of the settlement on a small hill, keep right and after a short climb on the asphalt there is a fire house on the right. Continue straight on the asphalt and macadam for 2 kilometres to the settlement of Drakovci. The Ščavnica valley is still visible on the right. On the main road, at a major crossroads, carefully choose the left direction and after a 100 m slight downhill, keep straight on. In the foreground we can already see the village of Mala Nedelja on a hill. When you reach the bottom of the hill, turn left onto the macadam and after a slightly more difficult climb on the asphalt, turn left. After 700 m of driving you reach a crossroads in front of the village of Mala Nedelja. On the right after the downhill is our destination Bioterme.


  • Apartment Silva, bed breakfast + juice 4€/person,
  • Museum of the Kasač Ljutomer, 4€/person,