The route is 60 km long and around 800 metres.

Suitable for all types of bicycles and for intermediate riders.

Slightly less for road bikes. The surface is hard, mostly asphalt, some hard gravel.

The total journey takes 5 to 7 hours.

Driving directions:

Driving directions:

We organise ourselves in the Bioterme car park. After 1500 metres turn left onto the macadam into the forest and continue through the forest for 600 metres, then along the asphalt to the second house, where you turn sharp right, back onto the macadam. Follow the forest for 1500 metres and then follow the asphalt to the orchards on the gravel road. Keep left and on the flat road you will reach the main road. Turn left over a bridge and immediately right and right again on the gravel road. After 500 metres on the macadam, turn left and then keep right until you reach the embankment of Lake Gajševsko. Turn left at the embankment and then left on the embankment and right on the embankment to the lock. Observe the beauty of Lake Gajševo and its population. Leave the embankment before the lock on the right. Turn left over the bridge on the main road and immediately right onto the dirt road along the river Ščavnica. At the Memorial Park of the hostages shot in Cezanjevci, continue to the asphalt road. Turn right and after 300 metres cross the river Ščavnica. Turn left and follow the river embankment for 4 kilometres to Ljutomer. At the sports park turn left towards Hippodrome Ljutomer and continue past the swimming pool on the right into I. Slovene Camp Park. At the exit of the park, cross the river Ščavnica and continue towards ljutomer church and then to the Main Square for a break. From Main Square, continue through the tunnel past the market and along Rajh Nade Street to the train station. Cross the railway line and immediately turn left and after 200 metres turn right towards the Babji Ložič Forest Reserve. Follow the cycle path and the dirt road to the settlement of Cven and turn right to the settlement of Mota. In Mota, turn right at the crossroads and after 500 metres follow the ford sign to the left. After 1300 metres you reach Tinek's Ford. From the ford, continue along the trail to Pristava and on to Stročja vas. At the crossroads on the main road turn left and after 500 metres you will reach Špajze - Trstenjak Fruit Growers. Return to the crossroads and turn left. Drive through the village of Stročja vas to Podgradje. Continue to The Lottmer Ponds and right towards Ljutomer. After crossing the main road, follow the cycle path left to Radomerje. At the end of the cycle track, cross the crossing over the main road and stop on the right in the STARI HRAST guesthouse, where we have lunch. Continue south through Radomerje. After 1 kilometre turn right and after another 500 metres turn sharp left onto the macadam. Follow the signs all the way Birthplace of Franz Miklošič. Follow the macadam forest road uphill between the vineyards and the the birthplace of Dr. Frantz Miklošič. At the top of the hill, turn left on the tarmac and after 100 metres turn sharp right and after 300 metres turn right, then after 200 metres turn left at the junction of the main road. Continue for 300 metres past Homesteads Belec and after 300 metres arrive at Shippon's Bank. Here, take a sharp right onto a descent between vineyards. Ahead of us appears Kaučič viticulturewhere we can have a wine tasting. Continue further into the valley and after 400 metres turn right at the crossroads up the asphalt past the kindergarten. At the top, turn right onto the macadam and immediately left follow the signs for Jeruzalem. After a fairly steep climb, we are on the main road and turn left towards Jerusalem Church. Possibility to visit Botanical Park and Jeruzalem mansion. At the car park, turn back and left to the west. Follow the asphalt road downhill and after 2 kilometres you will reach Zidanice Malek and on the right Taverna Guesthousewhere you can take a refreshment break. Turn right on the road in front of the Taverna and follow the steep descent to the main road. Turn left and immediately right towards Cerovec Stenka Vraza. After 1300 metres, almost at the top of the village, turn left and descend to Žerovince. Cross the main road to the right and immediately cross the railway line to the left. Turn right and follow the flat road along the railway to a crossroads, where you keep left and right at the chapel. Continue for another kilometre and turn right up towards the woods. At the top, you reach the village of Stara cesta. Turn left and follow the main road to the end of the village. Turn left on the main road and after 1300 metres turn right towards Godemarce. Keep right. Go downhill through the village of Godemarci and get on the main road towards Bioterme Mala Nedelja. Turn left and continue to the finish.


  • Museum of the Kasač Ljutomer, 4€/person,
  • Tinekov ford, 2,5€/rider,
  • Stari hrast Guesthouse, lunch € 20/person - fixed price for lunch will be communicated upon booking confirmation,
  • Kaučič Viticulture, wine tasting 5€/3 wine samples, 7€/5 samples,
  • Malek Winery, wine tasting 12€/5 samples,
  • Taverna restaurant, slice 7€/person.