It is 73 km long and about 1000v/m.

It is suitable for fit cyclists.

The route is suitable for all types of bicycles. Slightly less suitable for road bikes. The surface is paved, mostly asphalt,
some hard gravel.

The total journey takes 6 to 8 hours.

Driving directions:

Driving directions:

We organise ourselves in the Bioterme car park. After 200 metres, turn right and follow the road up a slight incline for about 1 kilometre to a crossroads where you turn left onto a hard-packed macadam. After 4 kilometres we are on asphalt and turn right again, still descending along the Lešnica stream. At 4.5 kilometres, keep right on the macadam and cross the Lešnica. Follow the dirt track through the forest to the village of Sv. Tomaž. Follow the main road to the cemetery and take a sharp right to descend past the sewage treatment plant through the forest to the main road Sv. Tomaž - Ormož. Turn left and immediately after 100 metres turn right onto the macadam road through Lešnice and continue to the settlement of Pršetinci. At the top, keep left and drive to the main road, where you turn sharp right towards Stara cesta. Enjoy the drive through the settlement and you will reach the settlement of Mekotnjak. When you see the fire station, there is a turnoff on the right for Tourism in the Tompa countryside , where we have a break and a small snack. Turn left at the fire station and after 300 m keep right through the village of Mekotnjak. After 800 metres, cross the main Ljutomer - Ormož road and continue on a slight incline to the settlement of Cerovec Stank Vraz. At the top of the trail, keep right and descend into Veličane. Turn left on the main road and immediately right on a sharp climb towards the Taverna guesthouse. We have lunch in the Taverna and optional wine tasting in the Malek Tavern. Keep heading east, towards Jerusalem. After less than 2 kilometres, we are at Jerusalem. We take a look church, castle and botanical park. Souvenirs can be bought at the TIC. After sightseeing, continue south. We keep descending. After 2.5 kilometres of descending, we turn sharp right at Šiponovy Bank and descend between vineyards. Continue downhill through the village of Gresovščak. We say goodbye to the vineyards and reach The Lottmer Ponds, which are a nature reserve and fish breeding ground. After 28 kilometres of driving, you arrive in Ljutomer. We stop in the centre on the Main Square. Possibility to visit the town, Visit to the Žuman Pottery Museum, Hippodrome Ljutomer and refreshments. Continue from the Main Square towards the railway station Ljutomer and after crossing the railway turn left onto the cycle path across the river Ščavnica through the forest reserve Babji Ložič towards the settlements of Cven and Mota. In Mota, turn right at 33 kilometres and after 500 metres turn left towards the Mura and Tinekovy Brod. Possibility of a ford across the Mura. Return to Mota and continue to Gezova Cave, Lower and Upper Krapje. At 42 kilometres we reach the main road Ljutomer - Veržej and turn right. On the right we see Tigeli Beekeeping Museum, which can be viewed at. At 43 kilometres, turn left at the landfill onto the macadam and drive 2 kilometres to Grlava. Turn right on the main road and after 1 kilometre turn left again on the macadam. After about 2 kilometres of driving between fields, you reach Križevci Racecourse, adventure park and Zorko Guesthouse, where we have a short break for refreshments. Continue westwards through the village of Boreci, cross the main Ljutomer - Križevci road and continue past the Boreci brickyard. Keep right through the settlement and through the forest to Logarovci. Turn left at the Logarovci chapel and after 1 km turn right towards Gajševci. Drive past the Cornus greenhouses and to the river Ščavnica. Turn left and drive along the embankment Lake Gayshev. On the opposite side of the lake, descend the embankment onto a dirt track and follow the forest uphill to the main road. Turn left, go downhill and after 500 metres cross the river Ščavnica. Turn immediately left. On the right is Stanjkov mill. Continue along the macadam road along the valley of the river Ščavnica for 1 km. Turn left on the asphalt and slowly climb up to the village of Precetinci. Turn right uphill and continue along the ridge (asphalt and macadam) for 3 kilometres past the fire station. Drive to the main road and turn left, follow the main road for 100 metres on the right along the asphalt to the settlement of Drakovci. At 68 kilometres you reach a crossroads. Turn left onto the macadam and climb steeply uphill for the last 600 metres. Turn left on the asphalt towards Mala Nedelja. At the crossroads, keep right and descend to Bioterm.


  • Rural tourism in Tompa, post-prandial breakfast + juice 4€/person,
  • Taverna Guesthouse, lunch € 20/person/frame price - upon confirmation of booking, we will inform you of the fixed price for lunch,
  • Malek Winery, wine tasting 12€/5 samples,
  • Žuman Pottery tour 2€/person,
  • Kasaški Museum, 4€/person,
  • Tinekov ford, 2,5€/rider,
  • Zorko restaurant, slice with tünka 6,5€/person